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Green Flux:

An UX-Urban Design Project

This project was a personal school project, the brief of the project was to redesign the relationship between Parc De St-Cloud and its urban surroundings. We had to study the park, analyse and understand the human interactions in the park, the idea was to blend the boundaries between nature and cities and to establish harmony through design intervention. My idea was to merge the city and nature in a way that would benefit the humans and make nature an aesthetic as well as functional part of the urban surroundings. We often notice that park and urban surroundings are contrastingly different and it was necessary to remove this difference and break the barriers to let urban areas accept nature as an functional part of the surroundings.


My inspiration for this project was from nature particularly the synchrony and arrangement that is reflected in nature in form of shapes, colors, light. And how various features of the nature could be used in designing my solutions

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