ID + UI/UX Designer

Namaste! I'm Kunal Gujar.
An Indian Industrial & Product Designer, currently based in Boston, USA. 

This is my portfolio that showcases all the projects I have worked on as a student and as a professional designer.

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DIGI-Thane is considered as India's first smart city app developed by the Municipality of Thane to enhance city experiences and provide all the essential services through a well integrated digital platform. This project is a proposed

redesign of this already existing app.

Startup screen.png
Startup screen.png



Blunt News App is a mobile application designed for millennials to experience journalism in a new way. The app focuses on quick news highlights with a simple interface to promote users engagment and encourage them to explore the world of unconventional news.

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Fi-Eco is a financial management application that serves as a platform to unify all financial needs and provide control over them in a playful way. Additionally, the app aims to educate users about financial management and investments.

iPhone X Mockup.png


Valeo Nearby

Valea Nearby is a mobility service designed for Valeo, the service intend to improve urban scenario. The service is an application for the data generated by the Valeo's powertrain system with an aim to enable cars to contribute in urban development.


The Zixi-Qinliangshan Lab

This is a service design project, with an aim to create a research lab which will provide educational services and contribute towards rural upliftment, and development in the Qinliangshan region in China.



Green Flux

Green Flux is an UX Urban Design project, designed for the residents of the City of Sevres. This project was designed using natural elements in an urban context to improve the synergy between the city and its natural environment to create an organic experience for the local residents.