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Fieco is a mobile application designed to help user manage their financial resources as well as educate them about financial concepts. The app encouragse users to search relevant investments options aligned with their goals, improve financial knowledge and control personal financial accounts. Primary users of this app are young adults, who manage their own finances.


(Reworked in 2023)


8 Weeks


UX Research


Team Project


Smart Home


Smart city is a concept which speaks about digitization of city services and delivering a comfortable experience of the city at their convenience. As the concept is still in its preliminary stages of development, there isn't a benchmark or proposed guidelines to work with for designing a smart city app like DIGI-Thane.

Considering the complexity and subjectivity of the topic, it was challenging to design meaningful digital services for the city. Particularly, I had to be careful about keeping the UX of the app very unbiased (not inclined towards a particular age group and easy for every age group), provide as much functionality as possible for everyday use while keeping the look and interactions very simple and straightforward. 

Project Process


The Definition

Natural User Interface (NUI)

Elements of NUI

Post-It Session

Brainstorming Daily Life Scenarios

DL postits-02.jpg

Human Gesture Study

Human Device Interaction Study

NUI Application Study

Conclusion of the Study

Research Process 2

Ideating NUI application in daily life scenario

NUI postits.png

Reimagining Daily Life with NUI

(detailed usage of NUI in daily life cases) to be done

Requirement for Smart system

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